Spaying or Neutering your Pet in Madison, AL

Spaying or Neutering your Pet in Madison, AL

Spaying or Neutering your Pet in Madison, AL

Spaying or Neutering your Pet


There are lots of responsibilities involved in raising a pet. As a conscientious and passionate pet owner, you want to ensure that you are doing everything that you can to keep your creature happy and healthy at every stage of their life. One of the most effective ways to help you do this is by getting your pet neutered.

What is the difference between spaying and neutering?

These two terms actually refer to the same overall process. Spaying tends to be used to describe the removal of the reproductive organs – the uterus and ovaries in females. Castration is often used to describe the removal of the reproductive organs of males – the testes. Meanwhile, neutering refers to the process of either sex of the animal.

Neutering is a relatively simple surgery in males, assuming that your pet’s testes have descended into the scrotum. Your pet will be put to sleep using anesthetic, and an incision is made into the scrotum. The testicles can then be removed, and the incision closed.

Since the female reproductive organs are located internally, this procedure is a little more complex. As with male neutering, it is carried out under general anesthetic. An incision is made into the abdomen area and a little gas is pumped into her body so that our veterinarian has better visibility and access. The ovaries are then tied off and removed, before moving onto the uterus, which is removed whole. It is normal for your pet to have to stay in overnight after a spaying procedure.

Benefits of neutering your pet

There is a range of benefits to neutering your pet, and often the sooner the process is performed, the greater these advantages are.

Prevent your female from coming into heat

When females come into heat, their bodies produce a bloody discharge that is not dissimilar to human menstruation. This can be messy and unpleasant for people living in your home. Coming into heat also attracts males too her, meaning that she could be in for some unwanted attention that causes her distress.

Neutering improves behavior

Studies have shown that neutering improves the overall behavior of animals. Males are less likely to become aggressive or hyperactive and are less likely to roam away from home to try and find a mate. They are also less likely to mark their territory, which they do through spraying urine.

Health benefits

Many inexperienced owners don’t realize that neutering also has a variety of health benefits for animals. These include:

- Prevention of some types of cancer including breast, ovarian, uterine and testicular cancers.

- Prevention of womb infections (known as pyometra) which can be painful, expensive to treat and potentially fatal.

- Eliminate complications arising from pregnancy or birthing.

Prevent unwanted pregnancy

Raising a litter of babies is a very different experience to looking after a single animal. Not only are they a handful to look after and very time-consuming, but the cost of raising puppies, kittens or other babies can be incredibly expensive. There are is also a huge problem with animal overpopulation, with countless pets living in foster homes and shelters, and many being euthanized due to the lack of resources to offer them the care they need and deserve. By neutering your pet, you can play a small part in the much bigger picture of reducing animal overpopulation in the United States.

Make your pet less desirable

Millions of animals are lost or stolen every year. Unfortunately, some are targeted or exploited specifically with the purpose of breeding. Having your pet neutered and ensuring their tag or collar is engraved to say that they are neutered could put off potential thieves and opportunists.

If you’d like more information on neutering your pet, our compassionate and knowledgeable veterinary team would be delighted to help. Contact our animal care hospital in Madison, AL today.

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