9 Reasons Why Your Cat or Dog Needs Pet Dental Care

9 Reasons Why Your Cat or Dog Needs Pet Dental Care

9 Reasons Why Your Cat or Dog Needs Pet Dental Care

9 Reasons Why Your Cat or Dog Needs Pet Dental Care

As your pet ages, there is an increased chance of all kinds of dental issues. Making sure to have your pet’s dental health assessed can prevent undue stress, pain, and even death. Four out of five dogs over the age of three have some kind of periodontal disease. This is an avoidable statistic for your pet if you consider pet dental care as part of your overall animal health routine. Let’s have a look at ten reasons your cat or dog needs pet dental care.


#1 – Periodontal Disease

All oral health issues stem from some form of periodontal disease (or the issues leading up to it). When you can establish an oral health routine for your pet their teeth and gums stand a better chance of staying healthy for years to come.


#2 – Painful Tooth Loss

Just like people, cats and dogs can suffer from cavities. When the tooth decay becomes too much for the teeth and gums to handle, painful tooth loss occurs. This is something that can be avoided with a regular oral health routine for your pet. 


#3 – Plaque Build-up

When too much plaque begins to build on your pet’s teeth, periodontal disease is not far off (if not already well underway). Conditions like gingivitis can be avoided by having this plaque removed and a cleaning schedule established.


#4 – Bad Breath

When tooth decay is prevalent bad breath is the inevitable result. When you deal with the source of the oral health issue, the bad breath goes away as well. Stomach issues can also be the cause, but tooth decay is the likely culprit.


#5 – Organ Problems

One of the most dangerous challenges that can arise from pet periodontal disease is the impact it can have on organ health. This is caused by excess stress, problems eating, as well as the toxins from the oral infection entering the bloodstream.


#6 – Worn Out Teeth

As time goes on your pets’ teeth tend to wear down. This is a painful experience that should be attended to right away to avoid further potential complications. Sometimes removal is the simplest and most effective solution.


#7 – Baby Teeth Retention

Just like in people, dogs and cats have baby teeth too! Dogs have a mouthful of 42 teeth and your cat is not far off with 30. Sometimes the baby teeth do not fall out properly and can cause a number of painful issues if left untreated.


#8 – They Need To Brush Too!

An oral health routine, especially brushing, can play an important role in the long-term health of your pet’s mouth. Your vet can help to make sure you know the proper technique and are using the right tools for the job.


#9 – Pets Hide Pain Well

Most pets don’t readily express how much pain they are in. In fact, you may never even know they are experiencing pain the entire time they are suffering. Regular dental visits are a sure way to avoid unnecessary pain for your cherished pet.


About Pet Dental Care 

Many of the common oral health challenges experienced by your pet can be avoided entirely. Regular visits to our veterinarian can ensure your pets are going to experience many years of excellent oral health. Give your pet the best chance at a great quality of life with pet dental care. They will thank you with love and attention for years to come! Schedule a pet dental cleaning at Madison Animal Care Hospital today at 256-461-7575.